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Alternative to McLeod Software: Embracing Efficiency with Truckbase

While McLeod Software offers a comprehensive carrier TMS with LoadMaster, it may not suit the specific needs of smaller, growth-focused trucking businesses. Truckbase, with its user-friendly design, seamless financial integrations, and responsive customer support, emerges as a compelling alternative.
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December 14, 2023
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For small- to mid-sized asset-based carriers, the right TMS software choice is as critical as hiring the right drivers. This decision can have a pivotal impact on a trucking company’s ability to grow and adapt to changing market conditions. While McLeod Software, particularly its LoadMaster solution, holds a significant market share, Truckbase is rapidly emerging as a favored alternative, particularly for those prioritizing simplicity, efficiency, and affordability.

Truckbase vs. McLeod Software: A Comparative Look

While McLeod Software offers a comprehensive carrier TMS with LoadMaster, it may not suit the specific needs of smaller, growth-focused trucking businesses. Truckbase, with its user-friendly design, seamless financial integrations, and responsive customer support, emerges as a compelling alternative.

McLeod tends to work best for fleets of 500+ trucks, and can afford an investment orders of magnitude higher than modern TMSes like Truckbase require. Moreover, this cost is not just in dollars, but also in time – the level of effort to learn, train, and adapt McLeod is a substantially greater lift than getting up and running with Truckbase.

Truckbase’s Core Benefits

Automation of Mundane Back Office Tasks: Truckbase streamlines processes related to dispatching, invoicing, and payroll, thus saving time and reducing the likelihood of human error.

Establishing a Professional Brand with Customers: The application helps trucking companies in presenting a professional image to their customers, which is crucial for business growth and customer retention.

Building Trust with Drivers: By providing a transparent and efficient system, Truckbase helps in fostering trust between the trucking companies and their drivers, which is essential for smooth operations.

Decreasing Errors & Delays: The software's design and features aim to minimize errors and delays in various operations, thereby improving overall efficiency.

Improving Operational & Financial Visibility for the Owner: Truckbase enhances the visibility of both operational and financial aspects of the business for the owner, enabling better decision-making and business management.

Enabling Growth Without Increasing Office Staff: By automating and streamlining various processes, Truckbase allows trucking companies to scale their operations without necessarily increasing their office staff, leading to cost-effective growth​​.

What core features enable these benefits?

Trucking Dispatch: Truckbase's core module handles intuitive load building, scheduling, IFTA mileage tracking, driver assignments, status updates and more.

Driver Settlements: Customizable pay rules by driver, automated weekly settlements, and payroll integrations greatly simplify driver pay processes.

Invoicing: Instant batch invoicing from real-time load data with rules by customer plus AR tracking accelerates billing and payments.

Customer Portal: Self-service customer logins give shippers and brokers transparency into dispatch status, accounting reports, documentation and more.

ELD Integrations: Connections with 30+ telematics providers gives dispatchers access to vehicle locations and status changes for better planning.

EDI: Bi-directional data pipes direct into major shipper/broker systems reduce double entry and paperwork.

Accounting Integrations: APIs that sync invoice and settlement data into Intuit QuickBooks desktop and online products enable real-time financials.

Why Truckbase Stands Out

  • Simplicity at Its Core: Truckbase's user-friendly trucking dispatch interface is a standout feature. It caters to trucking professionals who seek a straightforward solution, unlike McLeod's system, which some users find overwhelming and challenging to learn and adapt within a team​​.
  • Seamless Integration with Quickbooks: Truckbase streamlines financial management with its Quickbooks Online integration, a crucial element for effective business operations​​.
  • White Glove Customer Support: A standout factor of working with Truckbase is its responsive and highly personalized customer service experience. Customers have unparalleled access to senior management, who routinely go above and beyond to surprise and delight.
  • Affordable Growth Partner: Budget-friendliness is key for Truckbase, offering a feature-rich yet affordable solution, ideal for businesses eyeing expansion without heavy financial strain.
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration: Truckbase fosters a cohesive experience for your team, with features that promote transparency and collaboration, aligning dispatchers and drivers for streamlined operations​​.

Quotes from McLeod users on Capterra highlight issues with complexity and usability:

  • "When you are running a lot of reports or one large report, sometimes it can make the program crash or lag. At times it can even freeze."​​
  • "Takes so much effort to integrate and customize. It can be difficult for beginners. Also, the system looks old, like Windows 98."​​
  • "This is not a user-friendly software; it took me over a month to understand. Though there are so many helpful features, the features are hard to find and there is tons of useful data that gets hidden."​​

Contrastingly, Truckbase customers emphasize its user-friendliness:

  • "Truckbase is the most intuitive and easy software I’ve found after evaluating over 20 TMS providers. Any dispatcher can pick it up within 30 minutes."​​
  • "Truckbase has exponentially increased our back office efficiency. They’ve helped us streamline our processes as we evolve from a company with just a couple trucks into a larger organization."​​
  • "Our previous system was clunky, ugly, and more expensive. Truckbase is user friendly and did not require extensive training."​​

McLeod Alternatives: FAQs

How does Truckbase’s TMS enhance operational efficiency compared to McLeod Software?

  • Truckbase's intuitive design, dispatch centrality, and AI-powered load importer streamline operations – saving time, reducing operational complexities, and reducing manual errors.

Can Truckbase seamlessly integrate with existing accounting software like Quickbooks?

  • Yes, Truckbase offers a seamless integration with both Quickbooks Online and QuickBooks desktop, enhancing financial management efficiency.

Is Truckbase suitable for small to mid-sized trucking companies?

  • Absolutely! Truckbase is specifically designed for small to mid-sized businesses, focusing on affordability and streamlined operations.

How responsive is Truckbase’s customer support compared to McLeod?

  • Truckbase is known for its exceptionally responsive, white glove, and solution-oriented customer support, a key differentiator from McLeod's support system.

What makes Truckbase a cost-effective solution for small to mid-sized companies?

  • Truckbase offers essential features such as dispatch, invoicing, driver settlements, ELD integrations, and EDI, all at a competitive price, making it an economically viable option for growing businesses.

Does Truckbase offer features that facilitate team collaboration and transparency?

  • Yes, Truckbase's features are designed to enhance team collaboration and ensure transparency between dispatchers and drivers.

How straightforward is the transition to Truckbase from software like McLeod's LoadMaster?

  • Switching to Truckbase is designed to be user-friendly, with dedicated customer support to guide you through the process.

Embrace a journey of efficiency and growth with Truckbase, where streamlined operations and customer-centric solutions pave the way for success in the trucking industry.

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