QuickBooks for trucking has never been easier.  Let's cut your accounting work in half.

Most trucking companies are copying data over from their operations tools into QuickBooks. Your TMS or your spreadsheets don’t have your financial source of truth. But, QuickBooks doesn’t tie revenue and costs to Trucks or Orders in a way that helps you improve operations. Shouldn’t you be able to do it in one place and see it sync everywhere? With Truckbase, now you can.
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“My QuickBooks receivables are the cleanest they’ve been in 3 years. Also our cash flow has improved already because invoicing gets done quicker in Truckbase and anyone can invoice."
Owner, Herlache Truck Lines
“Truckbase frees up your time to do other things. There's so much more to a trucking company than booking loads and dispatching and Truckbase lets you focus on that”
Owner, Dispatch service & asset-based carrier

Entering the same data manually into QuickBooks and your TMS is a massive waste of time, and doubles your risk of making errors.

QuickBooks For Trucking Eliminate Manual Data Entry
Disconnected trucking management and accounting systems mean double entry all day long from one to the other, and often in multiple places and multiple systems. What are the hidden costs of having dispatching and accounting working with blinders on?
QuickBooks alone doesn’t provide you with enough KPIs and operational metrics that actually help you make decisions and improve your trucking business. With blindspots on data and reporting, what are you missing that could help you make or save more money?
TMSes that boast full end to end accounting systems typically don’t have the flexibility as financial systems that QBO does, and customers are worse off. Why not just integrate a world class TMS with a world class yet affordable accounting system like QuickBooks?
With over 8 million users worldwide, and approximately 80% market share among small businesses in the US, QuickBooks is ubiquitous. It’s robust, affordable, and your accounting team knows it inside and out. While that’s not sufficient for a trucking business, it’s a great place to start.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel with accounting software when QuickBooks has consumed billions of dollars of investment to make it what it is today.

We realized that it works for trucking companies today, and we are better off integrating with it to make it sync with your load data than trying to replace it with a brand new accounting system
Any custom-built trucking accounting software out there today is going to leave you wanting. They require way too much data entry and fail to meet the high bar that QuickBooks has set. Current offerings are all inferior to what you get with QuickBooks, and they’ll leave your accounting team frustrated
That said, QuickBooks has its limitations. A great TMS that integrates with QuickBooks can help you tailor it to meet your specific needs as an OTR carrier
Truckbase helps turbocharge QuickBooks for you and your staff, eliminating the need to double-enter data in both QuickBooks and wherever else you track load and payment information
QuickBooks For Trucking Web Application Truckbase
QuickBooks For Trucking Synchronize Billing Invoicing

Billing and invoicing rests at the core of any trucking operation. Here’s how Truckbase syncs it with QuickBooks.

Automatically generate invoices off of rate cons and dispatch information, which sync directly to QuickBooks
Attach documents seamlessly from Truckbase, such as proof of delivery, and have it register on QuickBooks as well
Sent, paid, or 3 days overdue? Updates in one system are reflected in the other.
Create and send QuickBooks invoices without even leaving Truckbase’s TMS

Whatever QuickBooks product and service categories you’ve set up, Truckbase can handle

Whether it was you or your accountant, you likely spent a lot of time setting up your product categories in QuickBooks. With Truckbase, you can now map your invoice to whatever product or service categories you already use
From there, all the accounting treatments of that product or service in Truckbase flow through according to your QuickBooks Online set up
You can break out line items to match all the different revenue categories you maintain
Whether you charge by ton or hundredweight, by mile or flat rate, fuel surcharge or detention, stop pay or day pay, Truckbase has you covered. We provide trucking-specific calculation of your unit of measurement, and can translate that into QuickBooks (whether it’s a flat, unit-based, or hourly rate)

Whether you’re on QuickBooks Online or QuickBooks Desktop, we’ve got your back.

We got you covered

QuickBooks Online

Truckbase offers a direct integration for the most seamless experience.
QuickBooks For Trucking Online Integration Billing & Invoicing Truckbase
We got you covered

QuickBooks Desktop

While it lacks the dynamism and flexibility of QuickBooks Online, we have customers who prefer to stay on Quickbook Desktop, and we can accommodate that as well. We have built a straightforward export and file.

Hear from our customers

I used to spend Fridays searching emails & texts to find what cash is coming in next week. Now, I just open Truckbase, and it’s there. It saves me at least one day per week.

Kevin F

Owner at KNK Transport
Truckbase is so simple and easy to use. It’s the ideal solution for small companies to stay connected with drivers and organize load, documents, and invoices.

Jerrod F

Owner, 1 Way Transportation
It's just so easy to implement into a team. The Truckbase team has great support when we have questions.

Shelbi M


Truckbase is the simple, power-packed trucking software your team needs.

Eliminate data entry with a TMS built for small fleets. From dispatch to invoicing and settlements, Truckbase simplifies managing logistics, increases efficiency, and provides peace of mind.