Goodbye data entry, hello growth.

Truckbase is the simple, power-packed software your dispatch team needs.

Eliminate data entry with a TMS built for small fleets. From dispatch to invoicing and settlements, Truckbase simplifies managing logistics, increases efficiency, and provides peace of mind.

Truckbase has exponentially increased our back office efficiency. They’ve helped us streamline our processes as we evolve from a company with just a couple trucks into a larger organization.
Bruce P.
VP Bumpa & Sons Trucking
Truckbase saves me 8-10 hours per week. I no longer worry about missing BOLs or late invoices. So, I can spend more time on growing our business.
Owner, Tepokatz Flatbed

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Spreadsheets and software that are stuck in 2001 can’t help you grow.

Fleet owners

You want to grow, but outdated tools and hacked solutions aren’t scalable. Enterprise solutions are expensive and complicated.
It’s nearly impossible to maximize efficiency and profits without operational insight.


Manual data entry takes time away from booking loads, and duplicating data across systems means lost BOLs and loads.
Tracking down BOLs and communicating with the rest of the team is a headache.

Operations Managers

You want it to be easier for one dispatcher to handle more trucks—but that’d mean spending thousands on software you otherwise barely use.
Delayed paperwork and broker updates are hurting your customer relationships and costing you high-paying loads and contracted lanes.


It’s a nightmare sifting through rate confirmations, BOLs, and invoices. This often delays payments and hurts cashflow.
Trying to find old loads, dispatch info, customer info, and any other document the old-fashioned way is a drain on your time.

'Easy and affordable' shouldn't mean 'old and glitchy.' That's why we built Truckbase.

Automate mundane tasks that eat into your weekends, so that your team can focus on booking and delivering higher-paying loads.

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Grow your fleet without increasing overhead
Improve operational visibility
Build trust with drivers
Optimize your fleet’s performance
Double your revenue

There's a way to do dispatch with zero data entry.

Automate load creation with just a few clicks and our AI-powered load importer.

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Send your drivers dispatch details via text or email all with a single click in Truckbase.
Let drivers scan and upload BOLs directly with integrated mobile scanning. Say goodbye to multiple disconnected tools.
Provide drivers with clear schedules in our mobile-friendly app, without the 7 phone calls and 20 WhatsApp messages.
Get your entire team on the same page. Track all load information within a single calendar.

Automate your back office with instant invoicing.

Improve your cash flow with instant invoicing.
Track all unpaid & overdue invoices on a single platform.
Filter and search for documents by date, broker, and more.
Get better financial and operational visibility with a powerful reporting dashboard.
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Make settlements more transparent. Build trust with company drivers and owner operators.

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Get easy settlement generation according to load and driver without inputting any data.
Add stop pay, reimbursements, and other pay with just a few clicks.
Manage saved settlements & track revisions. Ensure accurate & on-time payments.
Have complete visibility over all payments, and know how your team is performing.

You deserve a solution that helps you ease the load. We have your back(office).

Spreadsheets and WhatsApp

Spreadsheets are unwieldy with large amounts of data.
Offline tools create gaps and delay your processes.
Its impossible to keep documents organized on unconnected tools like WhatsApp and CamScanner.

Legacy Software

Old-school software don’t support growth.
Difficult to learn & train team members.
Need to be supplemented with extra admin work and data entry.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise solutions are expensive and have a steep learning curve.
Filled with features you don’t need, want, or use.
Clunky and outdated software makes data entry a headache.


A centralized data hub that everyone can access with appropriate permissions. Makes data lookup a breeze.
We’re turnkey at 5 trucks and powerful enough for 50 trucks.  Constantly building for evolving needs.
Has all the features that you need at an affordable price point.
Modern, clean software that is easy to use and works out-of-the-box.
Dedicated account manager for onboarding & support.

What can you expect from a demo call?

We’ll offer you:
A personalized platform tour based on your company’s specific needs.
An overview of our best features, and how they have helped our customers go from 6 trucks to 16.
Insights from working with multiple trucking companies of your size, on how to make operations more efficient and reduce expenses.
Even if Truckbase isn’t the right solution for your fleet at the moment, you’ll gain an understanding of how to manage the back-office to power your growth!

Have more questions? We got you!

Will it be easy to set up and start using?

Truckbase works out of the box and takes about an hour to set up. Onboarding is done over phone call or Zoom, with a dedicated account manager who is also your contact for ongoing support.

Is Truckbase mobile-friendly?

Our dispatch website and driver logins are super mobile-friendly, so you can log in and track your loads and drivers can update information or attach documents from anywhere.

What if I use factoring?

Sending loads to your factoring company is a breeze with one-click emails directly from Truckbase. Direct integrations with factoring companies is on our roadmap as well. Get in touch to learn more!

Does Truckbase offer a driver app?

Drivers all have their own logins to our mobile-friendly app. Using the login/app is not required with our text-based dispatch & scanning, but the driver logins are an easy way for drivers to see their load history and schedule.

Do my drivers need to download an app

No! Our text-based dispatch makes it easy to instantly communicate with your drivers without the hassle and glitches of apps that drivers have trouble using.

The ease of use and the seamless, integrated workflow from PDF import → dispatch text → mobile scan of BOL makes us the best, most comprehensive dispatch solution (as said by our customers).

Is Truckbase cloud-based?

Yes, Truckbase is cloud-based!

What happens to my historic data on another platform?

While setting up we can back-fill historical data when switching software, so that you don't lose any time or data duplicating information.

Trucking management is hard work. Let us make the back-office simpler.

Scale your business

Add to your fleet without adding to your overhead

Impress customers and build long-term trust

Eliminate painful data entry

Get to cash faster

Never miss a BOL, load, or invoice

Scale your business

Eliminate painful data entry

Get to cash faster

Add to your fleet without adding to your overhead

Impress customers and build long-term trust

Never miss a BOL, load, or invoice